what it means to be twenty-two

In each new day, new life forms. For my case, my life began twenty-two years ago yesterday. I don’t ever plan much special celebration; it’s basically just another twenty-four hours of existence. Whether people remember or not (which I secretly hope they […]

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my experience using the Fisher Wallace Stimulator

Several months ago, I embarked on a new journey. This journey is quite a unique one. I’ve had high hopes for progress, an immense burden to magically lift off my shoulders. It could be life-changing. Okay, by this point, you’re probably stumped […]

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REAL tips for a mentally ill teacher

Health education has greatly improved since my time in school. Rather than just focusing on the human anatomy and nutrition, we’re beginning to expose students to emotional woes like stress and mental illness. Young people are key in evoking change, disintegrating the […]

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