how to survive as an indecisive decision-maker

Find the word “indecisive” in the dictionary, and my name’s likely there. I am quite an indecisive person in a world requiring constant decisions. As you might assume, I get quite flustered by choices both insignificant and monumental. I’m chock-full of opinions […]

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an ode to the existential crisis

To say that the past few years have included an ongoing existential crisis would be an understatement. I’m talking full-on emotional breakdowns. Honestly feeling like I’m lost and worthless, occasional thoughts of wondering what the point of it all is. Those are […]

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how to wisely volunteer abroad

A white, privileged young person decides to take their privileged position and transplant it into a developing community. Maybe a far-fetched notion, but it’s becoming exponentially common. I included. Hence the necessity to wisely volunteer abroad. Rather than following the “traditional route” […]

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Christianity is dead.

What a great question, one that, for some, might be coming out of the blue. Is Christianity dead? How could you even think that? Let me clarify, then: I believe the institutional nature of most sects of Christianity lack Jesus. Who He […]

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