rude awakening: my first time as a minority

My first time as a minority wasn’t until the ripe age of 22. Up until then, I’ve lived in the rural Midwest. People still think we ride horses everywhere. (Unless you’re on the west side of the Missouri, that’s bogus.) When I […]

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meet the teacher who stopped talking

The teacher who stopped talking. I may have a couple of weeks left as a teacher, but that is who I became. When I mean “stopped talking,” I mean it. Complete silence. One day, I was following my normal routine. The next, […]

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I’m no longer vegan.

Search “vegan” on Google, and you’re likely to stumble upon some helpful information…and a ton of controversy. What’s most shocking is that the controversy so often stems among so-called “vegans.” No wonder so many, like myself, are no longer vegan. By that, […]

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a curious guide to trying new things

I remember back in high school when I had my core activities or interests, and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else and trying new things. The music-theatre kid, playing in band, singing in choir, acting in plays. Those were me. It was […]

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how to change your online life

Whether you’ve noticed it or not, I’ve been embracing plenty of change in my online life. I’m shifting my attention and consumption in new directions. Not only are these changes natural, but they’re also refreshing. So much of who we each are […]

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