when you live in a world not made for you.

When it actually sinks in, that you live in a world not made for you, it inevitably leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. And a ton of other feelings. Confusion. Inadequacy. Always feeling lost and falling short of where you “think” […]

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Is optimism ignorant?

I am on a path of spiritual discernment. With that comes with the baggage I lug around with me. I dance with a sense of heaviness that anybody else on a similar trajectory would also be managing. So often, I feel the […]

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a beginner’s guide to autistic burnout

Most of us know what “burnout” feels like. But what about autistic burnout? There’s a reason why, when doing a quick Google search, it suggests the phrase “autistic burnout vs. depression.” So, if you have or currently manage depression, you’ll likely understand […]

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i’m a born-again Christian. here’s why.

Don’t be taken aback by my proclamation. I’m not about to jump into the rivers and have twenty more baptisms. I won’t be emulating Billy Graham or any popular evangelist. No, when I say I’m a born-again Christian, it means that I’m […]

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hello, dear one.

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