what’s your new year “2020 vision”?

I’m always thinking forward. What’s going to come next? How am I approaching whatever next steps I’m taking? Herein lies my new year 2020 vision.

Definitely still need glasses to see that clearly. And even then, I fully realize the uncertainty and danger of creating a 2020 vision, only for it to crumble in the first weeks of the new year. That’s why, as we consider our individual 2020 visions, we do so in a forgiving, compassionate, and self-aware way.

Notice that I’m avoiding the “resolutions” and “goal-making” vocabulary. I do so for a reason: maybe setting a goal for yourself and accomplishing it works well for you, I’m known to make expectations according to expert’s recommendations, only to abandon the goals and feel immense guilt and worthlessness.

So, what makes a 2020 vision different? I’m keeping things broad and open. While I’m on the fence over the whole “Law of Attraction” business, I do see value in giving voice to your aspirations. Allowing them space to manifest however they may. Perhaps a looser accountability that can keep me focused on bigger concepts and beliefs.

As we embark on this next chapter together, I see grand plans for us in this new decade. Let’s make a new year 2020 vision that is open-eyed, and full of light and hope.

new year 2020 vision one: endeavors

Since I’m planning to be ordained as an interfaith minister this coming fall, there comes much speculation and curiosity: what comes next?

Great question. I wish I knew. As I say with most things, it’s a work in progress. Logistics and practicality are, alas, not my strong suits. But in a roughly cut fashion, here’s what my 2020 vision sees…

Whether it’s in one year or ten, I’d really love to work as my own boss, or at least in a remote context that allows for freedom of creation and location. Whenever I’ve put creativity on the back burner in my life, I’ve noticed how much I yearn and crave it back in the forefront. The agency innate within creativity truly kindles my passions. 

Within creativity, I want to explore spirituality in the world, how others may embody that and how such a potent tool could encourage positive growth for all. Those who are currently marginalized and silenced, key facets in activism and social justice, deserve a spiritual approach. Faith and spirituality are central tenets in most people’s lives, and to view the world through a spiritual lens means championing the worth of all sentient beings and the planet they live on.

This space where you’re reading these intentions is the foundation I’m building. Content creation, spiritual guidance, and (hopefully) outside opportunities promoting interfaith peace and sustainable change, I believe what’s meant for me will come.

Heaven knows I work my patootie off just to eke by, and I’d really love to just unplug from capitalism and live in the woods…but my core new year 2020 vision is growth. Opening doors. Abundance that at least begins to align with my needs, skills, and passions.

new year 2020 vision two: companionship

This 2020 vision seems very basic. As it should be, despite how often I feel like it’s an uphill battle. Hence the need to call that out, admit the struggle, and pursue further enrichment.

I truly cherish the relationships I have in my life. The work it takes for me to keep in contact and go the extra mile I want to…is a lot. This also involves the discernment of who to make that effort for or not. Being autistic, I struggle with knowing where people stand unless they validate me outright. Otherwise, I assume I’m unwanted. A 2020 vision is building my own trust and my trust in relationships.

On top of that, this is going to sound foreign coming from a liberal, independent woman, but I desire what mostly resembles courtship. That’s right: a straight-up aim for a long-term, steady relationship. I want to eventually be married with some semblance of a family.

I’ve essentially avoided anything related to romance and dating for the simple fact that I cannot and don’t want to participate in “quick fixes” and game-playing. No chaperones and all that nonsense, but truly, let’s mutually pursue stability and companionship. As the kids say, “hit me up.”

new year 2020 vision three: self-compassion and understanding

The end of 2019 has been the cusp of realizing who I truly am, how I actually operate as a human being in the world. Thus, I feel a calling for a 2020 vision dedicated solely to continuing this process.

I’m grateful to be in a fairly stable place with my mental health, but I acknowledge that it’s always present, a factor at play. On top of that is my autism and how I can utilize my unique strengths and weaknesses to my advantage. It’s been difficult not to see this process as “going against the grain” of societal norms to build a life that actually suits me. 

What does that even look like, a sustainable life? And how can I pursue that whilst honoring my well-being? This is a lingering question that may never have a 20/20-clear answer, but at least let the answering process allow for greater self-awareness and acceptance in every capacity. The care I need likely doesn’t look like a glamorous facial or bubble bath, but it means finding out how I can thrive and treat myself with the same compassion I give to everyone and everything else.

now it’s YOUR turn.

I’ve spilled the beans on my 2020 vision. Like I said: that whole “SMART” formula isn’t in my equation. At the root of everything is simplicity. Balance. The sense of groundedness and greater purpose.

Take outside noise out of the conversation. Examine your heart and what soul yearns for. See where your priorities truly lie. Call it cliche to bring this talk into the passing of time, but why not see this opportunity as one for genuine love and self-care? To refocus yourself on your core values and what they may look like fully manifested into the world? 

So, I challenge you: share your 2020 vision, for the year, decade, or week ahead. Make it known to yourself, and perhaps let others in. “See” what happens.

Take care, and keep the faith. -Allie

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