why am I here?: realizing your true purpose

If you are a human being, chances are that you’ve questioned your existence. Life is an overwhelming experience that seems to expect so much from us. The problem is that realizing your true purpose in the grand scheme isn’t a straight-forward, easy […]

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the healing nature of ecotherapy

Who knew the most powerful sources of healing were right outside our doors? It’s about time that we start embracing ecotherapy and nature’s therapeutic potential. It’s hard to believe a doctor could prescribe a struggling patient a certain length of time spent […]

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can spirituality cure depression?

When people talk about spirituality, maybe it sounds like a sales pitch. Everything in your life will improve once you connect with Spirit. Can spirituality cure depression? “Sure it can! With God, all is possible!” Now, ask me that same question. Can […]

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shifting from victimized to empowered

Poor me. Why me?! Woe is me. This world is cruel and unjust. Hence why it’s so easy to opt for feeling victimized to empowered. I understand that on a spiritual level. These thoughts frequently rotate and cycle into that death spiral […]

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