spiritual impurity: from guilt to STRENGTH

What so often holds people back from pursuing a spiritual connection is the hesitancy surrounding “spiritual impurity.” Really, what does that even mean? It usual comes from a past of religious doctrine telling us how sinful we are and how we must […]

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share your faith & evangelize the RIGHT WAY

Maybe you don’t know how to evangelize the right way. But you surely know how to evangelize the wrong way. The ring of the doorbell. The two people standing outside the university commons with boxes of little books beside their feet. The […]

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how to practice spiritual authenticity

The phrase “spiritual authenticity” sounds like a mouthful. But trust me: this goes far beyond words rolling off your tongue. Our present circumstances call for an intentional reflection upon what spiritual authenticity really means for us individually and collectively. We’re starting to […]

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stop masking, start LIVING

Most of the time, we’re viewing our world through a filter, however that might look. We put on masks to fit in, letting our truest selves fall to the wayside. To stop masking means to start living your truest, most authentic life. The […]

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