detox from diet culture

Regardless of the time and circumstances, under siege or living free, we’re still inundated with messages and instincts to diet. Lose weight. Exercise more. All the things. Which beckons us instead to detox from diet culture. It seems like a detox from […]

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finding hope during COVID-19

There’s a lot on our minds. And probably that last thing we’re thinking about is finding hope during COVID-19 pandemic protocol. If we’re following all the recommendations to a T, then we’re leaving our spaces as little as possible, social distancing, and […]

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better things to give up for lent

It’s that time of year again where we choose what to give up for Lent. Oh, and all the fish on Fridays. But that’s for another time to discuss. Or digest, if you will. No, today we’re diving into what to give […]

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build spiritual relationships to last a lifetime

I’m probably the last person who should be talking about how to build spiritual relationships, let alone any relationships. As an autistic person, I have always struggled to fully connect with others. Don’t even get me started on small talk. But compared […]

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where am I?: spiritual seeking and wandering

I love my faith and spirituality. They are the foundation for all I do and all I am. And yet, I still consider myself on the path of spiritual seeking. One might say that I’m not fully grounded by admitting by spiritual […]

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