God rested. so stop feeling guilty about resting.

Our modern society is all about going, moving forward, working hard, hustling every chance we get. Anything less than that isn’t doing enough and isn’t spending our time wisely. It’s wasting away the precious gift God grants us with each day and […]

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how to celebrate earth day from home

In our days of social distancing, it’s easy to forget what day it actually is. Who knew that Earth Day was in our midst already? Which leads us to the bigger question: how are we supposed to celebrate Earth Day from home? […]

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grieving for the world: suffering, sickness, & resurrection

This is a heavy topic for this Easter Sunday. However, this Easter occurs under precarious circumstances. That requires us to look at our grieving for the world. Yes, we are grieving. It’s not time to sugarcoat these collective emotions that come in […]

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how do we wield the power of prayer?

In times like these, during our global pandemic and self-isolation, it’s easy to fall into a rhythm of hopelessness. Despair. Uncertainty. This is where the power of prayer surfaces. Sure, the power of prayer won’t cure all the sick and bring world […]

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hello, dear one.

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