finding confidence in God and yourself

At this point, the concept of finding confidence seems cliche. This mystical end-goal of our journeys where we’re unabashed ourselves and happy with who we are. The good and the bad. If you’re like me, then you’d say, “Yeah, I’m getting there.” […]

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healthy living as a highly sensitive empath

One thing that really bothers me is the trend of making apathy seem “cool.” We’ve normalized dropping people willy-nilly and not caring about anything. Yeah, that’s not me. I’m a highly sensitive empath. It’s against human nature to be completely devoid of […]

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growing beyond conditional self-love

It’s become quite trendy to promote self-love. That sense that you accept your holistic being for all it is. But what isn’t so often mentioned is something I’d like to call “conditional self-love.” I speak on the topic of self-love as somebody […]

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science and faith can (and should) coexist

To some, I’m a hypocrite. My beliefs conflict with one another. I’m not a “true believer.” I’m standing in some awkward purgatory of ideas, too wishy-washy to pick one side over another. Science and faith have always seemed to collide. On one […]

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managing mental health during COVID-19

Mental Health Awareness Month this year feels timely now more than ever before. While our physical health is at stake with preventing the spread of disease, our mental health during COVID-19 is taking a toll. For some people (like myself), this continuing […]

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