how to serve God, NO preaching required

When I see the question of how to serve God, I immediately feel intimidated. Even as someone who considers themselves as a spiritual leader, knowing how to serve God and what that looks like can feel dicey. Is there a right way? […]

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the burdens of spiritual trauma and wounding

When you see words like “spirituality” and “religion,” what do you think of? What feelings do you associate with these abstract terms? Today, my heart goes to those who read those words and feel overwhelmed with spiritual trauma and wounding. Not everyone […]

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my spirituality is political. and so should yours.

That’s right. You read that title correctly. My spirituality is political. It’s the foundation for my passions and activism. Many have been calling 2020, in simplest terms, a dumpster fire. Every single hardship, sidestep, and explosive uprising has happened. The years leading […]

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prayer anxiety is real.

While in quarantine, I’ve found myself hankering to add something “new” that I currently don’t do every day: pray. Yes, someone who as spiritual as I am, who devotes my thoughts and energy to sharing spiritual messages, doesn’t pray very well. Or […]

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