what does autistic spiritual leadership look like?

Becoming an ordained interfaith minister has been a difficult path. There’s a reason many other neurodiverse folks don’t tread the same ground. Amid working toward my version of autistic spiritual leadership, I continually face questions, doubts, and uncertainty that I find important […]

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is christianity racist?

This might be a hard pill to swallow, let alone a difficult question to approach. When we beckon forth spirituality and faith, we may not consider discriminatory implications ingrained within fabric. what better way to ponder if Christianity is racist than talk […]

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why everyone should embrace interfaith spirituality

I don’t call myself “Christian.” I don’t think I ever fully identified with that label, even when I was deeply studying Bible and Jesus’ teachings. While I prefer the simplicity of “spiritual,” I still see room for growth in what that really […]

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learning to trust God’s plan beyond YOUR plans

It’s easier said than done to trust God’s plan. Regardless if you think there’s a divine timing for everything in life or not, we know things don’t always happen as we hope for. It can even feel shameful to not see your […]

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