should we fear God?

Let’s face it: religion can seem contradictory to itself, regardless of the name or denomination. The concept that we should fear God, but at the same time love Him/Them, is just one of many conflicting messages to come across. Because, at face […]

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not all autistic people are atheists.

Many have told me that pursuing any sort of ministry as an autistic person makes me a pioneer. I recognize the very small percentage of people who have walked this path. Beyond the expectations placed upon spiritual leaders, a big factor at […]

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a letter to my younger, undiagnosed autistic self

Dear little me; my younger undiagnosed autistic me, Yeah, that’s right. You still think it’s weird referring to yourself by your name. Turns out, there’s a reason for that.There’s a reason for a LOT of the things that you don’t even realize […]

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how to combat spiritual inadequacy

This world isn’t exactly prone to making people feeling good enough. There’s always more we need. More we should be. A way we are lacking and lagging behind the rest. And if you don’t notice it yourself, chances are that someone will […]

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Zoom church services are our reality and future.

If you’ve been trying to maintain some sense of normalcy in your spiritual life, you’re probably now a pro at using Zoom. When we’re relying upon Zoom church services to stay somewhat connected, you cannot help but learn the ropes. Maybe even […]

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