where is the kingdom of God?

You’ve probably heard that “heaven is a place on Earth.” You’ve also probably heard that at any point, Earth will become an apocalyptic hellfire where the Kingdom of God will uplift the righteous and let everyone else burn. Yeah. That’s a lot […]

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low self-esteem: blossoming beyond your doubts

Sometimes it feels like there is no worse quality in the world than a low self-esteem. For as much harm as other people in the world can do, there is only person that you can never escape: yourself. Insecurity is an all […]

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how to create more and consume less

I’m guilty of this, and I’m sure you are, too: spending your spare moments consuming. Always hungry for what’s next. Scrolling through social media, binge-watching the latest shows, and spending money on the trendiest items. Rarely do I think to create more […]

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