how to celebrate earth day from home

In our days of social distancing, it’s easy to forget what day it actually is. Who knew that Earth Day was in our midst already? Which leads us to the bigger question: how are we supposed to celebrate Earth Day from home?

Depending on how you normally observe this day, week, and month, your answer might vary. You may already know what to do, or you could zero clue because you usually congregate and attend public events. Those aren’t happening, at least not in that same capacity.

Honestly, it may even be hard to wrap your head around how to celebrate Earth Day from home, given everything else going on in the world. Our eyes are glued to the latest coronavirus news, so much so that it’s hard to focus on anything else. Even if that means putting aside climate action and justice.

Today, let’s dive into how to celebrate Earth Day from home, especially because it’s still so important. Time is not on our side. We need to utilize every opportunity to speak up for Creation, from home, online, and from every mountaintop.

why do anything at all?

I hear you: COVID-19 is a priority. People are dying. Our society feels dystopian. The economy is on the fritz. All of this is to say, we shouldn’t undermine the severity of the ongoing pandemic.

Perhaps this is attesting to my privilege, but I truly do see the pandemic as an attempt to rebalance our Universe as we know it. Think of “pre-COVID” days: constantly running on overdrive. Consuming far beyond our means. Actively killing the environment that we call Home.

This time in quarantine has been an interesting testament to nature’s authority over all. We aren’t the masters who control everything. Ultimately, Mother Earth reigns supreme.

With our new lifestyles, we’re producing less pollution. Plants and animals are blossoming and coming out of their once-limited habitats to roam as they please. What or who is the true virus we should fear?

don’t forget about our bigger threat.

Just think: what would happen if we responded to climate change as drastically as COVID-19? How might our survival change, for humanity and the rest of life as we know it?

Depending upon what happens once shelter-in protocols lift, we could lose all of this supposed “progress.” Assuming we’ll go back to “normal,” so will our rates of carbon emissions. Thus continual global warming.

Also consider how climate change has allowed COVID-19 to flourish in the first place. The origins of the virus began in China’s “wet markets,” places specifically meant for exotic cuisine. This “cuisine” consists of wild animals (and many endangered species). Interaction between people and animals far from their natural habitats equates to disaster. Three out of every four new emerging infectious diseases come from animals.

Not to mention how disease spreads across the globe into a full-blown pandemic: international travel. Hence why we’re now sequestered to our homes. With everything at a stand-still, that includes work and funding toward climate action. We’re still not close to meeting the quota climate scientists suggest for us, especially in a pivotal year like 2020, and we cannot avoid any more delay.

celebrate earth day from home.

With all the extra doom weighing upon our shoulders, you’re likely feeling even more overwhelmed than before with just coronavirus on your mind. Yeah, me too. We’ve got a lot on our plates. If we’re in positions of privilege where we can do more, then it’s our responsibility to help.

support humanitarianism and innovation.

One of the best things we can do to celebrate Earth Day from home is uplift the organizations and voices addressing this dual-threat. I wholeheartedly believe we’ll learn crucial lessons from COVID-19, and that includes changing how our world operates.

These changes include, but aren’t limited to, remote work, telemedicine, and more automation for essential resources. But for all of these to work, we need a universal base income (UBI) for all, and we need healthcare, wifi access, and housing designated as basic human rights that transcend corrupt corporations. Work does not equate to well-being.

Your support can come from voting for candidates who support such measures, as well as broadcasting these ideas online. Beyond the politics and economy, look into organizations that are actively fighting the virus and/or climate change. Especially consider what local businesses and people are supporting your community, and give your time and/or money.

provide your own help.

There are many ways, big and small, that you can help others during the pandemic. Many are already talking about those tips, so I suggest looking into the greatest needs and what contributions you can make.

But here’s what you can do on the Earth Day side of things: truly anything within the quarantine-means that’s considered “eco-friendly.” We already know what we’re supposed to be doing, so much so that it’s a trendy marketing ploy. Now is our time to make smart decisions that don’t requiring buying and spending.

You’re likely already be doing more of these things already, such as driving less, avoiding excess food waste, and working from home. Here’s an opportunity to build more earth-friendly habits, such as eating less meat, buying local and organic, and composting. Just to name a few.

A quick note to mention is the zero-waste movement, which seems to be struggling amid hysteria around reusable bags and coffee mugs. Take Earth Day as a time to dispel the myths: just because something is disposable and single-use doesn’t make it sanitary. And something reusable isn’t automatically unsanitary. In fact, it’s more likely reusable options are cleaner than disposable versions because you know who touched them.

reconnect with nature and others.

Social distancing doesn’t mean we have to stay socially distant. What better way to celebrate Earth Day from home than convene with fellow earth-dwellers passionate about climate justice?

Look into virtual Earth Day events that can get you fired up, or even organize your own online gathering. This is an unprecedented moment to connect with people we may otherwise never meet, and participate in opportunities we may otherwise not have. Embrace it.

If you need a break from Zoom meetings (I feel that on a spiritual level), get to the nitty gritty and go outside where you can maintain social distancing. Go on a nice walk or hike. Plant a garden if you can. Seriously, hug a tree.

Ultimately, how you choose to celebrate Earth Day from home is up to you, as long as you recognize its important and take your efforts into every single day. We cannot go back and prevent climate change and coronavirus, but what we do right now sets our path for the future. Which direction do you want to go?

Take care, and keep the faith. -Allie

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24th October 2017 at 4:34 pm

This is great! It’s something most people don’t know or acknowledge, thank you for bringing this to light! ✨

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