goodbye allie maelynn… HELLO finding soulace

Maybe you noticed. Which probably led to confusion. So, let me clear the air: welcome to Finding Soulace.

I really never wanted to have everything I do to be under my name. It just makes me feel uncomfortable. There’s so much more than me when I’m compelled to create. 

More about the journey…

As the name implies, it all starts in the soul. We’re all on a journey rekindling our relationship with the soul. This continual inward reach back to our truest selves, a place where there is no distinction between your soul and mine. It’s a unitive consciousness permeating all of life, an invisible thread weaving our stories together.

As we bring in the new Finding Soulace, you may wonder what comes next. We’ve already transitioned the blog. The YouTube channel is present. I have intentions for a Facebook group and Instagram.

What else? Finding Soulace is the foundation. We’re planting the seeds for potential growth and opportunities from here…at least that’s what I’d love to have happen. I’ve really always wanted to do my own thing. Which is basically how I approach everything else in life.

The problem is, pursuing an entrepreneurial project is scary. Employment has always been a source of worry and stress. It’s generally difficult for me to not only find a job I mesh with, but also stay employed.The idea of working for myself, creating and pursuing greater spirituality, which I could do in virtually any location, on my own hours? That’s a dream. 

How can this dream happen through Finding Soulace? I’ve learned time & time again that plans rarely happen as anticipated. Here’s where I currently stand. I’ll continue writing and making videos because I truly love doing it. Prepare for me to make a regular schedule in 2020. I would also love to offer opportunities to connect one-on-one with you.

Finding Soulace for yourself is hard, and it often feels like an independent venture. Not only that, but the concept of spiritual care is, frankly, intimidating. So, how about having a spiritual companion you can chat with from the comfort of your own home?

If you’re interested in spiritual guidance, do let me know. An initial consultation has no strings attached.

Finding Soulace could also be its own entity. Yes, a non-profit that lies at the intersection of spirituality and social justice. This intention is truly a pipe-dream, but there’s such a call for activism to touch upon the greater reality that we are truly One.

Right now, Finding Soulace is planting seeds. It’s trying to “find” itself. It doesn’t hurt to lay out your ambitions and see what happens. I don’t believe in the whole Law of Attraction, but I do see value in being vulnerable enough to speak from your place of Soulace and hope for a glimpse of manifestation. 

Thank you for Finding Soulace. If you’ve been around since the beginnings of my blog, you’re so appreciated. If you just joined me recently, I too appreciate that. I’m excited to see what we have in store.

Take care, and keep the faith. -Allie

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