my experience using the Fisher Wallace Stimulator

Several months ago, I embarked on a new journey. This journey is quite a unique one. I’ve had high hopes for progress, an immense burden to magically lift off my shoulders. It could be life-changing.

Okay, by this point, you’re probably stumped on what this journey could possibly be if it’s supposedly so ground-breaking and miracle-performing. I want to give my testimony for the Fisher Wallace Stimulator, a device proven to alleviate the severity of mental illness symptoms. Within just a few weeks of consistent use, this device could lessen the need for other mental health treatments like medication.

A life without mental illness? Is that even possible? Let me fill you in on the Fisher Wallace Stimulator and tell you if the hype is real or not.

my life so far

Mental health is a huge area of interest for me, given how it shapes every day I live and breathe. I’ve faced some degree of depression, anxiety, and insomnia for much longer than I haven’t. I don’t really know what life’s like without those inner demons poking at my thoughts and emotions.

I currently take two different daily antidepressants to manage my symptoms. I don’t even imagine what would happen if I missed even a day of medication. I’ve been on some sort of medication of various dosages for 3-4 years now. It’s honestly kind of wild to think about because I cannot fathom how I managed leading a somewhat normal life before treatment.

I have tried therapy before. Campus counselors (in training), professionals, even online. Only once have I felt like I’ve had some semblance of progress from talking, but once I make a realization, it’s almost like I plateau and don’t receive anymore benefits from it. “Oh, here’s a new technique. Cool. Well, nice to know you, Miss Therapist.”

When I discovered the Fisher Wallace Stimulator, I was a tad puzzled. You put on a headband, stuck some sponges on your temples, and sat while some sorcery transpired. I see it as a milder form of electroshock therapy, which is probably the most heavily stigmatized mental health treatment out there.

I’m blessed to have received the Fisher Wallace Stimulator as a gift from my parents, despite my persistent declines of forking over the cash. I do wish this device was more accessible to everyone or even covered under medical insurance. That’s for another day. Anyways, I began the process extremely hopeful. I wholeheartedly believed that this mental health treatment would change my life.

my experience with the stimulator

For the first 4-6 weeks of usage, it’s advised to use the Fisher Wallace Stimulator twice a day, every day. Each “session” lasts for twenty minutes. I know, quite the time commitment. But if you’re dedicated like me, then it can easily become a part of your daily routine.

I started off as exactly it was “prescribed.” I was diligent, as with everything I do. The thing is…I didn’t see the drastic changes I was expecting. Think of it like starting new medication: you give it time to take effect, but usually it’s not a dramatic epiphany.

As long as I’ve been using the Fisher Wallace Stimulator, I have yet to decrease my usage. At a certain point, you can choose to limit your sessions to fewer days a week, but I’m still going strong. It’s truly an everyday habit. A wake up early (4:30, because I’m ridiculous) just to do my time.

In combination with my medication, I see the Stimulator as an extra oomph for feeling more balanced, more often. I still get depressed. I still get anxious. Taking a Benedryl is the only way I can fall asleep and stay asleep. Maybe any progress isn’t obvious to you, an outside reader, but I do see great value in having multifaceted mental health treatment.


You probably have questions. As a firsthand account of using the Fisher Wallace Stimulator, that isn’t just the official website…I have answers. If you have more questions than I answer, feel free to comment below.

Does the device hurt when you use it?

Nope. Sometimes you have a stinging feeling when you first turn it on, kind of like a static shock, but otherwise, you can almost forget it’s on your head. I’m to the point where I walked outside to take the garbage out, completely forgetting I had a headband on with wires coming out. Probably quite the sight to see.

What do other people think of it?

Well, a lot of people don’t know. We don’t tend to share every detail of our medications, and this is no different. Admittedly, I tend to do my sessions in private, waking up early and staying in my room to avoid extra questions. Whoever does know, especially if they too suffer from mental illness, is very open and curious about it. My final answer: who the heck cares?

Will you ever go off your medications, thanks to the Stimulator?

Well, I can’t answer that right now. I cannot predict the future; whenever I do, I’m usually very wrong. I would love to say that I’m not tied to any sort of medication, but I don’t know how realistic that is. Maybe someday, but not anytime soon.

Is there maintenance involved?

When I say “sponges,” they’re actually round sponges you wet every session. Not much would happen without those sponges. You’re supposed to change them out once a week, but I stretch it to every other week, mostly because they charge a ridiculous amount for sponges. Also, the device uses AA batteries. Nothing too wild.

Who would you recommend the Stimulator to?

Anybody who struggles with depression, anxiety, and/or insomnia and is open to trying something new. There are years of research to back up the device’s effectiveness. If you feel like you’re comfortable with your current mental health treatment, then maybe you aren’t compelled to pursue this.

But if your gut is pointing you this way…you have one life to live. Nothing else is possible without the foundation of wellness. Your health is your most precious gift. It’s worth the investment. You don’t deserve any extra suffering, especially if there’s something out there you can do about it. The Fisher Wallace Stimulator might be that “something” for you.

Take care, and keep the faith. -Allie

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