my experience using the Fisher Wallace Stimulator

Several months ago, I embarked on a new journey. This journey is quite a unique one. I’ve had high hopes for progress, an immense burden to magically lift off my shoulders. It could be life-changing. Okay, by this point, you’re probably stumped […]

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what I learned in "thirty days of confidence"

I set a challenge for myself. How the words ring in your ears, hearing “self-improvement” and “goal-setting.” Or the Buzzfeed-worthy declaration of a “thirty-day challenge.” Let’s be honest: you can’t change that much in a month’s time. You can start setting a […]

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self-love and self-discovery starts now.

This November, I want to be thankful for me. I’m not great at being grateful for myself, for being the human form I embody. I usually ignore my existence altogether. While I cannot make miracles happen within thirty days like all the […]

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hello, dear one.

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