prayer anxiety is real.

While in quarantine, I’ve found myself hankering to add something “new” that I currently don’t do every day: pray. Yes, someone who as spiritual as I am, who devotes my thoughts and energy to sharing spiritual messages, doesn’t pray very well. Or […]

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managing mental health during COVID-19

Mental Health Awareness Month this year feels timely now more than ever before. While our physical health is at stake with preventing the spread of disease, our mental health during COVID-19 is taking a toll. For some people (like myself), this continuing […]

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traveling abroad with mental illness IS possible

Traveling abroad is an amazing opportunity. If it’s laid before you, grab it. Just do it. You won’t regret it. However, nobody necessarily talks about traveling abroad with mental illness. Traveling has its own challenges and obstacles to overcome, but to throw […]

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how to manage travel anxiety wherever you go

Going to a foreign country and embarking on a new adventure sounds great…at least until the travel anxiety sets in. From small ventures to global trots, travel anxiety is inevitable, especially if you already experience a form of chronic anxiety. The fear […]

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