healthy living as a highly sensitive empath

One thing that really bothers me is the trend of making apathy seem “cool.” We’ve normalized dropping people willy-nilly and not caring about anything. Yeah, that’s not me. I’m a highly sensitive empath. It’s against human nature to be completely devoid of […]

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a beginner’s guide to autistic burnout

Most of us know what “burnout” feels like. But what about autistic burnout? There’s a reason why, when doing a quick Google search, it suggests the phrase “autistic burnout vs. depression.” So, if you have or currently manage depression, you’ll likely understand […]

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am I autistic enough?: what autism looks like.

Realizing I was on the autism spectrum was very eye-opening. Like most people, I had typical stereotypes surrounding what autism looks like. Rain Man is probably becoming an outdated example, but for the younger folks, think Sheldon Cooper.  More prominently, my assumptions […]

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the next chapter: my life with autism

I thought I had just started to figure out life. But sometimes the “figuring out” process goes a completely different direction. Which just so happens to be a life with autism. Yes, through a slew of online research and testing, I have […]

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