a letter to my younger, undiagnosed autistic self

Dear little me; my younger undiagnosed autistic me, Yeah, that’s right. You still think it’s weird referring to yourself by your name. Turns out, there’s a reason for that.There’s a reason for a LOT of the things that you don’t even realize […]

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what does autistic spiritual leadership look like?

Becoming an ordained interfaith minister has been a difficult path. There’s a reason many other neurodiverse folks don’t tread the same ground. Amid working toward my version of autistic spiritual leadership, I continually face questions, doubts, and uncertainty that I find important […]

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stop masking, start LIVING

Most of the time, we’re viewing our world through a filter, however that might look. We put on masks to fit in, letting our truest selves fall to the wayside. To stop masking means to start living your truest, most authentic life. The […]

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stop supporting Autism Speaks.

It’s the season for giving. But not all causes are worth your gifts and charity. As an autistic person, it’s time to set the record straight: stop supporting Autism Speaks. Seriously. I cannot emphasize it enough. On a surface level, you might […]

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a beginner’s guide to autistic burnout

Most of us know what “burnout” feels like. But what about autistic burnout? There’s a reason why, when doing a quick Google search, it suggests the phrase “autistic burnout vs. depression.” So, if you have or currently manage depression, you’ll likely understand […]

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hello, dear one.

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