where is the kingdom of God?

You’ve probably heard that “heaven is a place on Earth.” You’ve also probably heard that at any point, Earth will become an apocalyptic hellfire where the Kingdom of God will uplift the righteous and let everyone else burn. Yeah. That’s a lot […]

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stop masking, start LIVING

Most of the time, we’re viewing our world through a filter, however that might look. We put on masks to fit in, letting our truest selves fall to the wayside. To stop masking means to start living your truest, most authentic life. The […]

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stop supporting Autism Speaks.

It’s the season for giving. But not all causes are worth your gifts and charity. As an autistic person, it’s time to set the record straight: stop supporting Autism Speaks. Seriously. I cannot emphasize it enough. On a surface level, you might […]

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steps to take when explaining mental illness to others

“Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes…” What a great-sounding but impossible suggestion. We can muster all our empathy and strength, but we can never fully understand everyone’s struggles. Try explaining mental illness to others, and you’ll know this all too well. […]

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why everyone needs therapy

It’s not just for those struggling. For those with mental illness. For those completely lost and shrouded in darkness. For those who don’t even realize they’re lost in the first place. For those in denial that there’s a problem in sight. Everyone […]

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