God rested. so stop feeling guilty about resting.

Our modern society is all about going, moving forward, working hard, hustling every chance we get. Anything less than that isn’t doing enough and isn’t spending our time wisely. It’s wasting away the precious gift God grants us with each day and […]

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when you live in a world not made for you.

When it actually sinks in, that you live in a world not made for you, it inevitably leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. And a ton of other feelings. Confusion. Inadequacy. Always feeling lost and falling short of where you “think” […]

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Is optimism ignorant?

I am on a path of spiritual discernment. With that comes with the baggage I lug around with me. I dance with a sense of heaviness that anybody else on a similar trajectory would also be managing. So often, I feel the […]

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can Greta Thunberg save the world?

Yes, I do think Greta Thunberg will save the world. But not alone.  I’m unashamedly Greta’s biggest fan. She’s Swedish. A huge climate change advocate. Vegan. A fellow Aspie. #aspiepower Here’s the problem: one teenage Swede isn’t going to save the world. […]

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hello, dear one.

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