Zoom church services are our reality and future.

If you’ve been trying to maintain some sense of normalcy in your spiritual life, you’re probably now a pro at using Zoom. When we’re relying upon Zoom church services to stay somewhat connected, you cannot help but learn the ropes. Maybe even […]

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the burdens of spiritual trauma and wounding

When you see words like “spirituality” and “religion,” what do you think of? What feelings do you associate with these abstract terms? Today, my heart goes to those who read those words and feel overwhelmed with spiritual trauma and wounding. Not everyone […]

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where am I?: spiritual seeking and wandering

I love my faith and spirituality. They are the foundation for all I do and all I am. And yet, I still consider myself on the path of spiritual seeking. One might say that I’m not fully grounded by admitting by spiritual […]

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can spirituality cure depression?

When people talk about spirituality, maybe it sounds like a sales pitch. Everything in your life will improve once you connect with Spirit. Can spirituality cure depression? “Sure it can! With God, all is possible!” Now, ask me that same question. Can […]

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have God, will travel: keeping faith while living abroad

Being away from what’s familiar can really throw you off kilter. Travel, as fun and exciting as it is, can quickly turn draining. This is especially true of our spiritual health and the struggle of keeping faith while living abroad. Maybe you’ve […]

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am I a pushy Christian? how to humbly share your faith

Christianity and religion in general are on shaky ground. We’ve come to a point where organized spirituality is less popular and more politically driven. Both of these factors, along with a tendency toward extremism, mix together a recipe for unease. What can really turn […]

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