how do we wield the power of prayer?

In times like these, during our global pandemic and self-isolation, it’s easy to fall into a rhythm of hopelessness. Despair. Uncertainty. This is where the power of prayer surfaces. Sure, the power of prayer won’t cure all the sick and bring world […]

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build spiritual relationships to last a lifetime

I’m probably the last person who should be talking about how to build spiritual relationships, let alone any relationships. As an autistic person, I have always struggled to fully connect with others. Don’t even get me started on small talk. But compared […]

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can spirituality cure depression?

When people talk about spirituality, maybe it sounds like a sales pitch. Everything in your life will improve once you connect with Spirit. Can spirituality cure depression? “Sure it can! With God, all is possible!” Now, ask me that same question. Can […]

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pulling the plug: complete disconnection on an under-developed island

There’s something to be said about complete disconnection. Disconnection not of your choosing, that happens spontaneously. Imagine all the means to contact anyone you love and care about were to vanish. In an instant, any access to your support system—family, friends, loved […]

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steps to take when explaining mental illness to others

“Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes…” What a great-sounding but impossible suggestion. We can muster all our empathy and strength, but we can never fully understand everyone’s struggles. Try explaining mental illness to others, and you’ll know this all too well. […]

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am I a pushy Christian? how to humbly share your faith

Christianity and religion in general are on shaky ground. We’ve come to a point where organized spirituality is less popular and more politically driven. Both of these factors, along with a tendency toward extremism, mix together a recipe for unease. What can really turn […]

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