Zoom church services are our reality and future.

If you’ve been trying to maintain some sense of normalcy in your spiritual life, you’re probably now a pro at using Zoom. When we’re relying upon Zoom church services to stay somewhat connected, you cannot help but learn the ropes. Maybe even […]

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managing mental health during COVID-19

Mental Health Awareness Month this year feels timely now more than ever before. While our physical health is at stake with preventing the spread of disease, our mental health during COVID-19 is taking a toll. For some people (like myself), this continuing […]

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how to celebrate earth day from home

In our days of social distancing, it’s easy to forget what day it actually is. Who knew that Earth Day was in our midst already? Which leads us to the bigger question: how are we supposed to celebrate Earth Day from home? […]

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grieving for the world: suffering, sickness, & resurrection

This is a heavy topic for this Easter Sunday. However, this Easter occurs under precarious circumstances. That requires us to look at our grieving for the world. Yes, we are grieving. It’s not time to sugarcoat these collective emotions that come in […]

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detox from diet culture

Regardless of the time and circumstances, under siege or living free, we’re still inundated with messages and instincts to diet. Lose weight. Exercise more. All the things. Which beckons us instead to detox from diet culture. It seems like a detox from […]

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finding hope during COVID-19

There’s a lot on our minds. And probably that last thing we’re thinking about is finding hope during COVID-19 pandemic protocol. If we’re following all the recommendations to a T, then we’re leaving our spaces as little as possible, social distancing, and […]

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