steps to take when explaining mental illness to others

“Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes…” What a great-sounding but impossible suggestion. We can muster all our empathy and strength, but we can never fully understand everyone’s struggles. Try explaining mental illness to others, and you’ll know this all too well. […]

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traveling abroad with mental illness IS possible

Traveling abroad is an amazing opportunity. If it’s laid before you, grab it. Just do it. You won’t regret it. However, nobody necessarily talks about traveling abroad with mental illness. Traveling has its own challenges and obstacles to overcome, but to throw […]

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finding motivation when depressed and getting stuff DONE

The ultimate conundrum: wanting to be productive, but having no energy or motivation to do so. Welcome to the hypocrisy of mental illness! I completely empathize with this frustration. I know it all too well. Especially if you have both depression and […]

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how to pursue professional goals with mental illness

It’s often easy to forget that mental illness is technically considered a disability. In fact, it’s the most common disability in the world. That means many people likely struggle with what is mundane for others. Every little task can feel like a […]

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confessions of the flaky friend

As you get older and you gain some experience, you learn just how important your relationships are. The people you choose to spend your time around greatly impact your well-being: mind, body, and soul. Even knowing this and how grateful I am […]

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why upholding a reputation doesn't really matter

We are our own worst critics. The intimate, unique perspective we have on our own lives and thoughts lends itself to being harsh and judgmental of things that, often, others don’t even notice. And in this struggle for balance, finding out who […]

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