how to serve God, NO preaching required

When I see the question of how to serve God, I immediately feel intimidated. Even as someone who considers themselves as a spiritual leader, knowing how to serve God and what that looks like can feel dicey. Is there a right way? […]

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science and faith can (and should) coexist

To some, I’m a hypocrite. My beliefs conflict with one another. I’m not a “true believer.” I’m standing in some awkward purgatory of ideas, too wishy-washy to pick one side over another. Science and faith have always seemed to collide. On one […]

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disciplined disciple: accepting correction from God and others

Want to know how to really grind my gears? How to make me anxious and frustrated? Criticize me. Tell me what I’m doing is all wrong. Correct my actions and mistakes. Yeah, I don’t handle criticism well. I’m very disciplined with myself, […]

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