is christianity racist?

This might be a hard pill to swallow, let alone a difficult question to approach. When we beckon forth spirituality and faith, we may not consider discriminatory implications ingrained within fabric. what better way to ponder if Christianity is racist than talk […]

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learning to trust God’s plan beyond YOUR plans

It’s easier said than done to trust God’s plan. Regardless if you think there’s a divine timing for everything in life or not, we know things don’t always happen as we hope for. It can even feel shameful to not see your […]

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how to practice spiritual authenticity

The phrase “spiritual authenticity” sounds like a mouthful. But trust me: this goes far beyond words rolling off your tongue. Our present circumstances call for an intentional reflection upon what spiritual authenticity really means for us individually and collectively. We’re starting to […]

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finding peace in your body image and faith

The relationship we have with our bodies is constantly changing. Perhaps the one consistent thing in it is how we can incorporate body image and faith together. It’s surprising to think how similar our body image and faith are. They both try […]

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finding motivation when depressed and getting stuff DONE

The ultimate conundrum: wanting to be productive, but having no energy or motivation to do so. Welcome to the hypocrisy of mental illness! I completely empathize with this frustration. I know it all too well. Especially if you have both depression and […]

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