learning to trust God’s plan beyond YOUR plans

It’s easier said than done to trust God’s plan. Regardless if you think there’s a divine timing for everything in life or not, we know things don’t always happen as we hope for. It can even feel shameful to not see your goals follow through as you envision.

Blind faith isn’t for the faint of heart. To rely upon mystery takes courage. We can do as much extensive research and planning as possible, and even then, nothing’s guaranteed. Things change. Life goes in different directions.

I’ve been there, done that, far too many times to count. And yet, every time something unexpected happens, I feel thrown off. I feel defeated, discouraged, and heart-broken. My mind automatically wanders and imagines vivid results, most of which never see fruition.

Just because our timing and plans change doesn’t mean we shouldn’t trust God’s plan. In fact, such a reality further encourages us to lean more into faith. Something greater is on the horizon. Let’s learn how to realistically hold onto that hope and work alongside the Divine.

comparison kills

I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to say it: comparison is the thief of joy. Nothing good comes from setting expectations for yourself that aren’t meant for you.

To trust God’s plan means that we don’t look beyond ourselves to set the tone for how to live our lives. Just because those around you are graduating, getting engaged, and having children, doesn’t mean that’s your truth. They aren’t living out your story and purpose. You are.

For many of us, comparison has become an automatic response to scrolling social media and staying attentive to peers’ lives. We see others’ happiness and assume we’re missing out. Maybe you fear disappointing loved ones you hold in high esteem, especially when your plans change and ambitions don’t pan out.

The only comparisons you can make stem from your own essence, the versions of yourself that have come and gone. How far have you come? How have you evolved into the person you are today? That’s the Divine at work. That’s God molding you into your highest self. And however that looks is remarkable.

setting the bar too high

If you’re anything like me, then you’re prone to overthinking, over-planning, over-everything. That includes trying to set goals that seemingly demonstrate the highest competency or “success” as fast as possible. Our societal psyche has ingrained this mindset.

To trust God’s plan means denouncing this vicious cycle, instead collaborating with the Creator of all we know and love. I’m speaking to you and myself in saying that our minds are too often our worst enemies. Subconsciously, we set ourselves up to fail, leading to inevitable self-shaming.

You’re worthy of compassion, and when we trust God’s plan, we bring forth the loving-kindness worthy of every smidgen of life (you included!). Our value doesn’t come from crossing off every to-do list item, nor does it come from “beating” others or yourself in achieving all the things as fast as you can.

The Divine grants us time, patience, and grace. Trust God’s plan and know that what’s meant for you will come, exactly when it’s meant to come.

a note on process and manifesting

When one hears “trust God’s plan,” that might assume that everyone acts as passive passengers in life. In having no control over anything, we’re just riding the wave and cannot do much of anything about it.

The law of attraction speaks to manifesting and evoking our goals through willpower and determination. With consistent mantras and goal-setting, anything is within our grasps. Does that deter us from the call to trust God’s plan?

Any habit can become detrimental if we take things too far. It’s not realistic to assume we can bring forth exact proportions of wealth and opportunity simply through visualization. However, that doesn’t mean we cannot do anything about what happens in life.

Some spiritual beliefs denote God’s plan as one that evolves with us. Not everything is set in stone; in fact, we bring God’s plan to life through our free will. How we respond to our experiences can completely change the situation and the next steps.

Simply put, feel empowered when you trust God’s plan, not disheartened. You possess Spirit within you, so living your life shouldn’t come from a mindset that feels like you’re fighting against God or remaining helpless to uncontrollable whims. Of course, the truth stands that much of what we do and hope for changes. But you still actively participate in the universe. Whatever is in your hands and is also in God’s.

“failure” is anything but

So, something didn’t work out as you hoped. Things will take longer than you had planned for. An emergency arose that threw everything off-course. You feel like you’re drowning, turned in every direction without a map to follow. Welcome to life in all its beauty and messiness.

Speaking for myself, when change happens that I didn’t ask for or ever want, I feel like a failure. I screwed up, I didn’t do everything correctly, and it’s all my fault. I fear what repercussions will arise, and then turn to self-harmful thoughts and spiral until I don’t know what’s up or down.

To trust God’s plan cuts off this pattern and, in turn, gives a greater perspective to what may presently feel like total devastation. Sure, right now, this feels like a life-altering predicament, but is it really? Perhaps this is exactly what was meant to occur. Allowing negative thoughts to dictate my mood may be holding me back from fully embracing and living out a greater purpose, far greater than what I perceive as failure.

Your resilience and strength will always withstand far more than “failure” ever will. Accept what is. Embrace whatever God throws your way. And know that you too have the gifts to persist in your purpose, firmly holding onto your greater truth.

Take care, and keep the faith. -Allie

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