shifting from victimized to empowered

Poor me. Why me?! Woe is me. This world is cruel and unjust. Hence why it’s so easy to opt for feeling victimized to empowered.

I understand that on a spiritual level. These thoughts frequently rotate and cycle into that death spiral of feeling victimized. And the last thing on your mind is feeling empowered. You feel like the whole world is against you. Might as well wave the white flag and surrender to it all.

A mindset that transitions from victimized to empowered takes time. It’s not the easy route to take. We’re inundated with constant havoc, given a million and one reasons to feel defeated. But it’s time to take back our power.

We are the heroes of our own stories. Through Spirit, you have the power to save yourself, to stand up after a hard fall, and to rise above the noise. Choosing to perpetuate the status quo leaves us wallowing in what seems unchangeable. When you go from victimized to empowered, watch a new perspective take shape before your eyes.

trials and tribulations.

I get it: you feel intimidated by the proposal of victimized to empowered. Chances are, you’ve been the same road countless times. You already know how the story goes. So, why feel empowered by defeat?

I had spent my entire life up until recently not knowing I was autistic. Regardless of how hard I worked, I couldn’t keep up with everyone else. This vicious cycle led to severe depression and anxiety. I had to study for hours on end to do well in school. I was fired from two jobs completely out of the blue. The suffocating feelings of helplessness and despair ran through my mind on repeat.

Don’t get me wrong: I still struggle. A lot. But that doesn’t mean I have to be the victim. Instead, I can approach things from a more mindful, compassionate perspective.

Sure, failure sucks. Not sugarcoating that one bit. Choosing to go from victimized to empowered means accepting that fact but, nevertheless, persisting.

how to shift from victimized to empowered.

You are capable of amazing things. I could tell you that every minute of every day, but the only way you’ll believe it is if you shift from victimized to empowered. If you’re the hero of your story, then you, the hero, must realize your superpowers. Here’s a cheat-sheet to get started on the right foot and start putting on your cape.

know and accept yourself.

Although self-discovery is often a lifelong journey, just stepping your toes in is an amazing first step.

You’ll inevitably feel like the victim if you’re putting yourself in situations you don’t realize will lead to your own demise. By this, I mean you’re unaware of your weaknesses and continually fall because of them. The ability to discern situations that are good or bad for us is indescribably valuable.

Of course, some things are unavoidable. We get flat tires, slip on the ice, and receive criticism; welcome to good ol’ life. However, the remarkable thing about self-awareness is a greater capacity for self-compassion. Knowing yourself well means you can better soothe and take care of yourself after a bad moment.

Dust yourself off and know your strengths and inherent worth. It’s your choice to spend time beating yourself up or moving forward. I suggest the latter option to go from victimized to empowered.

stop comparing problems

I’m totally guilty of this. Especially in the social media age, seeing everyone’s highlight reels is becoming increasingly more “transparent.” It’s amazing to see us sharing the flaws that make us human. But that leads to a whole other comparison trap.

We all face challenges and difficulties. However we feel about the cards we’re dealt is valid. There’s no scale of what’s a “better” or “worse” problem because we’re all different. Even if we’re both facing the same problem, we’ll view it from two different eyes.

Falling into “problem comparison” leaves you trapped in victimhood and in a place of asking others for sympathy. Shifting from victimized to empowered will uplift you from this mess.

As we just discussed, you’re worth so much more than sympathy votes. Don’t define yourself by your failures. Take that self-awareness to see how strong you are for overcoming any obstacles you’ve already faced. Go, you!

lean on a support system.

Shifting from victimized to empowered is already difficult, but doing it alone? That’s nearly impossible.

Whatever makes you feel strong, pursue that. Whether it’s friends, family, certain activities or self-care, or your spiritual practices, there are many ways to recharge yourself after a rough go.

Whether you believe in God or not, know that you’re being shaped into a more authentic version of yourself with every failure and success. We must find the very bottom of the pit in order to rise above the rest. If you choose to go from victimized to empowered, that resilience will only make you wiser and more empathetic.

Those empathetic skills will be crucial for other people in your life, too. We’re all juggling many situations at once: those you know and those you pass on the street. You have the power and potential to not only receive support, but be a source of support for those who need it. What a gift that can be!

time for a change: victimized to empowered.

This journey we walk in life isn’t easy. With every setback, we can choose to stay stuck on our backs or find our footing again.

Being autistic, this can be almost a daily basis of trial-and-error. What keeps me stepping back up for more? Knowing that every defeat is molding me into the soul I’m meant to embody. Believing that I’m in this world to fulfill a purpose. Wanting to serve others who face huge challenges that require an expansive support system.

So, dear one, stay grateful for all the little blessings in your life. Stay grounded in your humanity and all that comes with it. Most importantly, know you’re not alone. It’s not you against the world; we’re in this world together.

Take care, and keep the faith. -Allie

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